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High qualityDadantblatt Carnica High qualityDadantblatt Carnica High qualityDadantblatt Carnica
High qualityDadantblatt Carnica
From Slovenia
High qualityDadantblatt Carnica
From Slovenia
High qualityDadantblatt Carnica
From Slovenia


Slovenia and its Carniolan honey bee/Apis mellifera carnica

Slovenia is the only European Union member state, which has protected its own autochthonous honey bee - the Carniolan Bee/Apis mellifera carnica.

Its excellent qualities are:

  • non-aggressive, rarely stings,
  • calm and docile behavior on the comb,
  • rapid spring developmnet,
  • high honey yields,
  • good use of forest pastures,
  • less collection of propolis,
  • excellent sense of orientation,
  • a well-developed cleaning instinct,
  • wintering in small families and using small amounts of the winter food supply,
  • the brood is adapted to pasture conditions.

Carniolan honey bee in Dadant Blatt hives

We offer nucs from the beginning of April with a wintered queen. Nucs made with 5 frames (combination of brood frames, a honey frame and a foundation frame under construction, depending on the period of the sale) are packed in new transport boxes.

All nucs are transported in cardboard boxes suitable for transport, with the following dimensions: height 35 cm, length 49 cm, width 24 cm .

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  • The transport of bees is carried out by reliable partners who ensure safe transport.
  • We have sold our bees to Italian, German, Austrian and French satisfied customers
  • You can find us in the heart of Europe, at the address: Iška vas 34, 1292 IG – Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • Access is possible by van or larger truck (also by trailer).
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Urška Intihar beekeeping
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I am committed to bees with my body and soul. Beekeeping is not just a job for me, it is my way of life, it is what I do best. This also reflects in the quality of my products.

I was very satisfied with the purchase of bees from Urška.The previous communication went smoothly and all my questions were answered immediately. They brought the bees to Austria in transport hives by truck. The transport hives were flawless, undamaged, and the bees were alive and well/healthy. I'm very pleased with her bees.
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