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Carniolan honey bee/Apis mellifera carnica in Dadant Blatt hives

We raise the Carniolan honey bee or the Apis mellifera carnica also in Dadant Blatt hives.

The images represent the nucs on new honeycombs and one-year-old Queen.

Urška Intihar beekeeping carnica hive
carnica bee honey
Urška Intihar beekeeping carnica

We offer nucs from the beginning of April with a wintered queen. Nucs made with 5 frames (combination of brood frames, a honey frame and a foundation frame under construction, depending on the period of the sale) are packed in new transport boxes.

The dimensions of the honeycomb/frame are highlighted in the image:

dymensions hive Intihar
dadantblatt new Intihar


  • The transport of bees is carried out by reliable partners who ensure safe transport.
  • We have sold our bees to Italian, German, Austrian and French satisfied customers
  • You can find us in the heart of Europe, at the address: Iška vas 34, 1292 IG – Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • Access is possible by van or larger truck (also by trailer).
dadantblatt carnica Intihar
dadantblatt carnica Intihar

All nucs are transported in cardboard boxes suitable for transport, with the following dimensions: height 35 cm, length 49 cm, width 24 cm.

dadantblatt carnica Intihar
dadantblatt carnica Intihar transport
"I bought nucs and queens for the first time this year. The nucs were delivered in perfect time, all were healthy. The packaging was professional and in perfect condition, easy for transferring bees into the hive the day after... All nucs worked and adapt easily to my area. Thank you Urska apiculture. You have a great mission, a good price, you are professional and you deserve 5 stars!"
R.T. Italy
Beekeeping Intihar springtime

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